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A compilation of over 5,000 school districts, photo gallery,  inspectorate,  teacher and student biographies, correspondences, and maps for the province of Saskatchewan 1905- , and the North-West Territories 1885-1905.  In the process of being restored.  

For Saskatchewan One Room School Houses, which numbered over 5,000 and were operational from 1887 to c1970, and are listed at the Saskatchewan One Room School House Project.

SK One Room School House Project Web Sites Search Engine
The new custom Search Engine for the Saskatchewan One Room School House Project will do a search of both the SK One Room School House Web Sites for your convenience.

The original, and now restored One room schoolhouse project web pages is located at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~cansk/school/
The "second" Sk One Room Schoolhouse Project which was created when rootsweb was "down" for about a year is located at https://skschool.site123.me/  [You are here]

In December 2017, a security issue forced Ancestry  to take down the RootsWeb site, with no expected date of return to access communicated. Access and permissions once again have been granted and the webpages restored. This is why there are "two" SK One Room School House Project Web Sites. hank you to the Ancestry - Rootsweb IT team for restoring the pages online and recovering the information put online by volunteers and submitters

So the original  database, photographs, biographies and reminiscences of students and teachers are back online!  Announcements occur  periodically on the E-Magazine and on wordpress.

Saskatchewan One Room School House Project is affiliated with SaskGenWeb which is also back online!!!