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Killaly School District 1594

 Sec Tsp 21 Rge 7 W of the 2 Meridian
Killaly Saskatchewan
village South section 31 township 20 range 6 west of the 2nd meridian

Name change correction in the pupil listing

 Killaly, KILLALY 	School District # 1594, 		Sec 	Tsp 21 	Rge 7 	W of the 2 Meridian ,	Killaly  Saskatchewan

1962-63 photo from the Killaly, Saskatchewan School (Grades 1-3)

Submitted by Vince (Paul) Kreiser 

The Killaly School in 1962-63 had grades 1-12.

The Principal was my father Jacob Ernest Kreiser

The teacher in the photo was Freida Issel (nee Mattern).

Students in the photo are:

Back Row: Left to right: Brian Popowich, Randy Chastkavich, Vince (Paul) Kreiser, Norman Yanke

Norman Hack, Ronald Spokowski, Teacher Mrs Freida (Mattern) Issel.

Middle Row: Mervin Sapara, Lloyd Englot, Ernie Englot, David Pellitier, Marie Kreiser, Marlene Stubel, Sharon Pellitier, Ryan Hanowski, Eugene Exner, Kim Sapara.

Front Row: David Bernhardt, Debbie Gerhardt, Carol Sapara, Angela Novak, Verna Ottenbreit, Maryanne Eipert, Jackie Mauer, Sandra Slobodzian, Ralph Lauer.

The school was divided into four rooms:

Grades 1, 2 and 3 (teacher-Freida Issel-nee Mattern)

Grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 (teacher-Mr. Zoltan R. Farkus)

Grades 8, 9 and 10 (teacher-Alex Woznesensky)

Grades 11 and 12 (teacher-Jacob Ernest Kreiser)

There were still one room country schools running in the area that year.

Flegel School had grades 1-9 with Edward Wenzel Rogalski as the teacher.

Flegel School officially only went to grade 8. They did have grade 9 correspondence students registered but who did not attend the actual school.

Flegel School was moved to Grayson to start with but is now being used as a shop on a farm in the district. The barn and old teacher's house were moved to separate farm sites in the district but are now believed to be demolished.

Columbia School had grades 1-8 with Dorothy Kreiser (nee Irwin) as the teacher.

The Columbia School building in gone but the barn on the site is still there.

I would welcome any additions/corrections to this information if people are able to supply it.

 Vince (Paul) Kreiser 

These schools submitted by Vince Paul Kreiser:
Columbia School District 2130  NE 20 19 5 W2 
Killaly School District 1594   21-7-W2
Flegel School District 1214  NW 35 19 6 W2

 Killaly, KILLALY 	School District # 1594 map, 		Sec 	Tsp 21 	Rge 7 	W of the 2 Meridian ,	Killaly  Saskatchewan

Killaly village South section 31 township 20 range 6 west of the 2nd meridian
50º 45' 14'' N, 102º 49' 52'' W OR    50.7540221, -102.831186177

More information
50 years of progress of the community of Killaly : Saskatchewan golden jubilee
prepared by the principal, Jack H. Hanowski, and students of the Killaly High School [s.l. : Killaly High School, 1955]

Flegel School District 1214 located at northwest section 35 township 19 range 6 west of the 2nd meridian63

Columbia     School District # 2130     NE     Sec 20     Tsp 19     Rge 5     W of the 2 Meridian 66 107

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These schools submitted by Vince (Paul) Kreiser

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