Pascal School District #1926

Pascal SD No. 1926

NE section 35  township 37 range 20

Eldred     21-53-7-W3    
Ormeaux 52-7-W3
Pascal 29-52-8-W3
Victoire     13-52-8-W3

Wilkie 5-40-19-W3 

School located on NE 35 37 20 and erected in 1907 according to St. Joseph's Colony

 Another school was erected in 1921 one half mile west of the first school house on the NE section 35  township 37 range 20

Very likely a part of the Wilkie School Unit.

The School is still there. The school was renovated in the early 1980s and has been used for dances and ski-doo rallies.

Image submitted by Sharon Fluney


Above Image is Submitted by Ray Herzog.

The school is still standing.
It is located south of Wilkie- and is north west of Leipzig.
It was renovated in 1980.

Pascal Students 1957-1958

Martha Welter Teacher

Barry Sittler Gr 1, Ronald Kolenosky Gr 2, Johnny Schmidt Gr 2, Donald Sittler Gr 2, Linds Koenosky Gr 4, David Sittler Gr 4, Sharon Sittler Gr 4, Greg Kolenosky Gr 5, Chralotte Sittler Gr 6, Joan Sittler Gr 5, Dennis Leidl Gr 6, Lucy Schmidt Gr 6, Danny Miller Gr 7, Gary Piltingsrude Gr 7, Helen Schmidt Gr 7, Kenneth Sittler Gr 7, Dennis Kolenosky Gr 8, Doris Leidl Gr 8, Paulette Sittler Gr 8.

This is a replica of Pascal School which is inside the school.

It was made by James Bauml of Wilkie, Sk.