Pinto Head School District  #3959

My mother, Alma (née McKay) Brennen,  taught at Pinto Head School (S.D. #3959) in the mid-1930s. For some reason the school is listed three times in the alphabetical listing. The first and third listings should probably stay because there is conflicting information as to whether the school was located in Section 4 or Section 5 of Township 7, Range 12, West of the 3rd Meridian. The second listing, however, has the school in Range 13 which isn't true. It also associates the school with the town of Shaunavon which is about 78 km away. Pinto Head was associated with Ponteix, Saskatchewan.

Pinto Head School (S.D. #3959) Section 4 or Section 5 of Township 7, Range 12, West of the 3rd Meridian near Ponteix.

This school information update was kindly submitted by Lyle Brennen


Thank you for the above submission, it is much appreciated, and good to set the record straight from conflicting sources indeed!  

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