Prairie Heights School District #1041

Prairie Heights School District #1041

Township 37 range 22 west of the third meridian

Tramping Lake village SW 33 6 21 W3

Good morning,

I am wondering if you can submit this photo of the school I went to, as well as my Dad Ralph Fluney and his siblings. My Dad was born in 1916.  Prairie Heights School was closed in 1959 and we were bused into Tramping Lake.

My Dad organized a school reunion in about 1983. The school burned down in the 1990s.

The school was about 6 miles west of Tramping Lake, Sk. It was on a hill.

Thank you,

Sharon Fluney.

Prairie Height School District 1041

SE Sec 4 Twp 37 Range 22 W3

Nearby placenames

Broadacres     32-35-21-W3    
Revenue 35-37-21-W3
Tramping Lake 33-36-21-W3

Raymond Herzog ( my friend) built 49 cairns for school sites.
This is the one he built for Prairie Heights west of Tramping Lake, Sk.

Image submitted by Sharon Fluney

The words of the plaque are typed out below.

Prairie Height School

District #1041


This site is dedicated to our pioneers and students

our teachers and the ministers who conducted

church services here.

After school closure, pupils were bused to Tramping Lake.

Some of the School Trustees included:

John Fluney

Ralph Fluney

Bob Goodings

Fred Hennings

Ab Kuhn

Mike Kuntz

Leo Seymour

Andy Volk 

Irvin Wilson

SE Sec 4 Twp 37 Range 22 W3 RM of Tramping Lake #380

Note Crown School District 1041 located at 32 26 W4 was a school located in Alberta before the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were formed.  Alberta gave up the school district numbers, and started over again from School District 1, and Saskatchewan, re-used the school district numbers surrendered from the Alberta one room schools.