Stryj School District #3201

STRYJ SCHOOL BELL 3201 used by John (Jack) G. Pettigrew c. 1920

The photo are the 6 Pettigrew children who attended several of the Saskatchewan Prairie schools that Jack taught from Lucky Lake to Stryj, outside Goodeve and Nanton.

Irene N., the oldest, b.1912 at North Battleford; Robert King, b.1914 at Lucky Lake;  John Keith, b. 1922 at Regina; Clarence (Bill) Charles, b. 1920 at Lucky Lake; Grace Margaret, b. 1916 at Lucky Lake; and Mary Josephine, b.1918 at Riverhurst.

Karen Johnson

Grandpa Pettigrew also taught at Nanton School

Stryj School District 3201 SW section 32 township 24 range 9 W of the 2nd meridian

Goodeve  NW 10 24 9 W2 near Melville, SK

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