Viewland School District #3997 book


SE 7 15 8 W2

near Glenavon, Saskatchewan


SE 23-15-8-W. 2nd M.

near Baring, Saskatchewan

NW 9 15 8 W2

Roy Stanley writes, "The idea of building a cairn to mark the site of Viewland School had been talked about many times by one person or another, but the first really serious discussion took place at a social gathering in Baring one evening in the spring of 1989."  

In A Time for Remembrance the author, Doreen (Richardson) Hobson, compiles class photographs, school registers, memories and reminiscenes of teachers, students, friends and families who came together to commemorate Viewland and Huntingford one room school districts.

The University of Calgary, Our Roots Nos Racines, has been undertaking an overhaul of their website.  The new system is easier to search and locate items such as local history books.  Our Roots Nos Racines has been digitizing local history books, and the new website has not finished the transition from the old URL address to the new.

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