Roe School District #755 near Abbey, SK

Is there any school records with students names between 

1917 -1921 - 1927 in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan 

Researching the Harris family boys:

George Harris born 1911 – BORN Winnipeg Man 

Tom Harris born 1914 – Born Winnipeg Man


Both boys would be school age and attended the school sometime between 1917 – 1922 – 1923 possible longer – their father was killed in WW1 1917 in France & the mother moved to Maple Creek with her sons.

Trying to see how long they lived in Maple Creek

The boys and their mother lived with Charles Dunlop for a time at:

District: Maple Creek

District Number: 220

Sub-District Number: 62

City, Town or Village: Myril Creek Municipality

Section Number: 21

Township Number: 19

Range Number: 21

Meridian Number: W3

Municipality: Myril Creek

Charlie Dunlop possible was the auditor for the Roe School Board, we know that Charlie Dunlop hired Mrs Harris as a housekeeper and her two sons Tom and George did indeed attend Roe School. 

Charlie Dunlop had a homstead E 1/2 of section 21 township 19 range 21.  

Roe school district 755 built 1912 on the SE 1/4 of section 28 township 19 range 21 W3.
and closed 1968 is in volume 1 on page 364

Book title Maple Creek & area : where past is present. Vol. One
 online at Our Roots Nos Racines. 

Book title Maple Creek & area : where past is present. Vol.Two

In 1917 Mrs Harris husband died in WW1, buried in France, and we would like to find just when she became a housekeeper for Charles Dunlop and how long she lived there with her two sons......also any school records of George & Tom attending Roe School - how many years did they attend this school. 

Mrs. Harris remarried Harold Cake in 1927 

Special Thanks for any information

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