Bergthal School District #466

William Rempel (my great grandfather) in the first school in Bergthal Saskatchewan. I think it may be near Hague, but it must be near Rosthern.  I had long correspondence with a man who id’s the school since all it said on the back is Bergthal School.  Wm Rempel was a teacher in Gretna MB and moved to Sask about 1898. He taught for only a while in Sask. and then was post master in Rosthern from 1901- 1911.

Sandra Janzen

Bergthal School District 466 located at SW 4 43A 2 W3 was operational 1898-1962. Hague village SE 7 41 3 W3.  Rosthern town NW 35 42 3 W3

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