Devil's Lake School District #514

Devil's Lake School District 514

SE1/4 Sec. 17-30-5 W2nd

near Canora, Tiny, Buchanan

Devil Lake Post Office NW 3 30 5 W2 west of Canora, Saskatchewan

Just to update your info.  The picture in your webpage is the 2nd
location of the school yard and is owned by a friend of mine to this
day.  [The webpage referred to is under maintenance by]

The original site for #514, established in 1899 was on our
property at SE1/4 Sec. 17-30-5 W2nd. along the shore at Good Spirit
Lake.  It was re-established at its present location in or around 1913.  
The History of Buchanan book published by the R.M. of Buchanan has an
article on it.  As well, I am a descendant of the landowner and our
family has been present there since 1892.  In addition, I have family
diaries from that period which even records some of the teachers names.  
You can read our history at  Our history is at the
bottom of our Homepage. It is very interesting.  I love history and we
have an abundance here at Canora Beach.  Incidentally, on my Facebook
page under my name is a treasure trove of pictures and history.  Albert
Oldroyd was my ancestor.  My Facebook page is totally open to the
public, you do not need to be a friend to have a look.  Just find my
site, click on Photos and then click on Albums and happy hunting.


Darryl Deighton