Diamond School District #601

Diamond School District #601

1948 Class Pictures

near Colfax SE33 11 15 W2

Attached are the class pictures of the students my mother Susanna Christine Broughton taught during the 1947/48 year. This is all the information that I have but if you have any other questions feel free to ask.
I love to preserve history so I am happy and impressed with the One Room Schoolhouse Project.
Robert Laing

Note there was another school district numbered 601.  It was Spring Valley School District 601 located at township 40 range 26 west of the fourth meridian in the North West Territories.  When Saskatchewan and Alberta became provinces in 1905, Alberta abandoned their previous school district numbers, and started over from number 1.  The province of Saskatchewan, however, assumed the numbers surrendered by Alberta, and assigned those numbers to school districts as they formed after 1905.

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