Invicta School District #3378

You are probably wondering by now about my mother, Alma (née McKay) Brennen, teaching in all these one-room schools. She actually taught in nine of them from 1932 to 1952. I have done a great deal of research on her teaching career and will eventually send you the photographs she took of all of her classes. This message is about Invicta School (S.D. #3378). Your listing of this school does not state in which Section the school was located. The location was Section 15, Township 27, 

15 27 10 W3 near Dinsmore, Saskatchewan

This school information update was kindly submitted by Lyle Brennen


Thank you for the above submission, it is much appreciated, and good to set the record straight from conflicting sources indeed!  This is wonderful that you have done the research into her teaching career, and that photos have been saved.  Those who view the Saskatchewan One Room Schoolhouse Project would benefit from your sharing of this fantastic information.  It is splendid that it is being preserved in such a wonderful way by yourself!  

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