Riga School District #1803

Riga School District 1803

 near Garland, Manitoba

These photos were taken by Nick Kotyk in the late 1920s when he was teaching at Riga School.  He also taught at Kelso, Sk, Sclater, and Zalicia, MB.

When I looked in the Garland History book last night to see if there was mention of the specific years Nick Kotyk taught there, I discovered that there was a Riga school in Manitoba near Garland where he also taught. 

The reference is the book “In Memory of Our Pioneers History of Garland and District 1874 – 1985” Published by Garland History Book committee, General Delivery, Garland, MB R0L 0W0 1989 ISBN: 0-88925-586-5. It is not online but is available in reference libraries. I got my copy from a family friend.

 On page 160 they state that the Riga School District was formed on Aug. 12, 1915 and the school opened in 1918. It was situated approximately 10 miles NE of Garland, MB on 11-32-21. There is a Teacher and student list from 1918 to 1956. I see that Nick Kotyk had taught there in 1930-31 and 1931-32. The photo with the children sitting on the grass is in the book and most of the children are named. There are 3 other photos from 1930s (students and parents), 1943-44 and 1954 of students.

Thought you might like these for your site.


Ruth Zaryski Jackson

  There was also a Riga School District 239  near Kelso, Saskatchewan NE 32 11 33 W1